All reality is ‘sensation filled images’

Reality is simply sensation-images.
Images include – internal world(memory) images, external world(sensory) images.
Sensation is what enlivens the images and gives them reality.
Sensation cathects the images and imbues them with reality.
All knowledge is this cathecting of sensation to images.
So essentially – sensation is the direct experience of the ONE energy you are (in whatever form it is in, which depends on what image it has cathected to).
Cathecting can also be called projecting, and sensation is the spirit form itself.
That is why it is said, the world is a maya, because it is only when the substance that you are (the psyche) i.e. sensation, cathects itself to the images, that the images become real and alive.
When this energy gets cathected to images, the images come to life.
Images can also be abstract entities – like symbols, knowledge and so forth too.

(A more technical way to put it would be: The psyche cannot experience itself, just like a flame cannot burn itself. So this invisible psyche cathects itself to images -> and the result of this is the enlivening of the image manifesting as ‘SENSATION’. Sensation can include – thoughts, all forms of knowledge, symbolism, memories, emotions, desires…and so on.)

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