Rest as sensation

Sensation is the closest to ultimate reality.
All knowledge and thought is basically sensation.
There is a certain sensation of knowing anything.
All knowing is sensation.
All thinking is sensation.
All emotion is sensation.
Everything physical is sensation.
All experience is sensation.
What is not sensation!
What is sensation, but the direct feeling of energy?
And there is only energy everywhere right?
Aren’t you just feeling yourself then? your own possibilities?
All sensation is direct experience of energy.

You are the wind, you are the silence
You are the heat, you are the cold
You are the pain, you are the pleasure
You are the joy, you are the dejection
They are all flavors of the infinite energy you are.
Its like an energy movie playing and you are the movie itself.
So drop all resistance to this energy movie and rest as your nature
Rest AS Sensation NOW

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