I am ‘That’

There is only the “Now”
Just the “Here”
Only the “What IS”
There is just “This”
Everything just “IS”

There are no things, because everything is pulsing, moving, vibrating, shimmering, aliveing and because everything appears in the consciousness field.
(Just like the images shown on a movie screen are just made up of light, similarly all the objects we experience in the world are simply made up of consciousness)
So there are no objects, but only consciousness appearing as objects.
There is total change at every point and every position in consciousness because everything is appearing IN AND AS the alive field itself.
There is only “this vibratory infinity/boundless ONENESS”
I am “IT”
I am “THAT”
I am this “Unmanifest Mystery Unknown” vibrating IN and AS this particular manifest content NOW.
I am the unnameable, the unknown, the mystery, the unmanifest (because all I know is ‘I am NOT’).
I am like the a 7-D boundless TV screen that can show any picture.
What I am, I cannot know, just like a flame cannot burn itself.

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