Musings on nature of reality – Feb 19

Experience is experienced in consciousness AS IT IS.
However, when I subject it to analysis and memory, I see there is a lot of knowledge and pattern to this experience.
Like analyzing the night sky.
This adds additional layers of meaning, depth, significance, prediction and richness to the experience.
So it comes down to memory and knowledge and then this knowledge gets added into the structure of the memory itself.
So I could say raw memory and memory structuring (knowledge).
But again raw memory and memory structure are kind of inseparable because in a sense memory itself works only from concepting.
Even concepts of oneness and so on are just the mother of all concepts but are still functioning in the conceptual realm.
The highly rarified, stratospheric realms of the mind contain all-encompassing concepts and vast realms. It is like a concept spectrum from gross to subtle.
To transcend concepts is to go subtler than the subtlest concept.
Also once awareness penetrates all the structures, then even the structures become appearances. Initially persistent appearances, and later even they become mobile and mutable.
So then every single thing in my experience will change at this point.
Because all structures, concepting -> and resultant knowledge will vanish when the structure itself is changed.
So this is the penetration of greater source energy that increases aliveness and energy in the system and thereby provides additional degrees of freedom in structure (or in a sense removes all persistent unchanging structure).

But non-conceptuality is to be non-dual, where nothing can be conceived, imagined, described, said about it. It is even more subtle and beyond the concepts of oneness, enlightenment and so on.
There is only ISNESS, SUCHNESS, thats all.
Even thinking (at the level of subtlety it operates in) is seen as a jagged coarse energy from this level.

Another way to look at this would be, Reality = Input + Interpretation.
But the ‘Interpretation’ component comprises of 99% of our reality.
We are submerged in endless layers of interpretation.
The absolute pure effortless input(sensory) in just its bare form is extremely extremely thin, paper thin.

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