All manifestation is ultimately causeless

All manifestation is causeless.
It all comes from ‘Nothing’.
‘Nothing’ being the infinitely subtle.
In the spectrum from:
Subtle|God| ——-|Soul|—–|Ego|—–|Thoughts|—–|Emotions|—–Gross
God comes first, and is the first cause, which is the infinitely subtle, which is NOTHING.
Its similar to the spectrum of:
Super Strings ——Atoms ——Molecules —— Cells ——Organs——Human
Now super springs aggregate in a certain pattern or way to forms atoms correct?
And this happens at each stage until organs come together and form a human.
The next question would be, what’s subtler than super strings that created super strings?
And if this inquiry is taken further and further, more and more subtle levels will be discovered until one reaches the infinitesimally small substrate which is ‘Nothing’.
The only difference between the super string analogy and the spectrum spoken about here is that, the spectrum here is of DIRECT EXPERIENCE and the GROSS and SUBTLE of experience itself.
Ultimately everything is made up of experience including our material conceptions and so forth.
So the ultimate substrate to study and observe would be experience because that subsumes all other worlds.
This infinite nothing is where all of the manifest comes from.
So in a sense, all cause and effect that we observe in this realm is simply an appearance created by this infinite nothing.
So causation is only apparent/an appearance and the ultimate reality has infinite freedom and is therefore causeless (not limited by causation).

Imagine you have a car made of lego blocks.
Say a kid playing with it does not know its made of lego blocks of 2mmx2mm.
Once he is told, he dismantles it and is thrilled at the new level of freedom.
He can now build new structures using the same blocks – like a truck, ship and so on.
Now say, later he discovers that even each tiny block can further be dismanted to form 0.2mmx0.2mm blocks.
Now he can make even more intricate and complex structures and so on, vastly increasing his freedom.
So the truth is different at different levels of subtlety.
What is truth in a certain layer, is only an appearance or possibility in the subtler layer.

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