Total experiencing is the way to enlightenment

Experiencing something totally – eventually changes/sublimates/removes(gross form) the experience.

– Because as you become more and more subtle/fine/silent, the friction between your [subtle observing identification or “subject” (observer ego)] and your [former coarser state which is now the “object” manifest as experience (experience object)].
– All experience is the result of interaction between the subject and object OR the friction between the subject and the object is experience.

– So total experiencing is the way to enlightenment. You keep totally experiencing from where-ever you are (your current level of sharpness of the awareness instrument/identification) and dis-identifying with all the content because you cannot be your experience (because you are one experiencing, so you have to be subtler than that).

– Your “instrument/identification/subject” keeps getting subtler and subtler and revealing more and more subtle content in layers, until you reach nothing.
– The subtler you get, the greater the degrees of freedom released.
– The experiencial nothing (super subtle field permeating everything) is the ground for all that’s above it.
– Its like say you have large 2×2 lego blocks and build structures with that in your prior reality, now these blocks are broken into 0.2×0.2 say, so you have a ton of more pieces and freedom to create more intricate structures.
Now this can further be reduced stage by stage to 0.02×0.02 lego blocks and so on. So at each level you will have more and more freedom.

An Diagram for better imagination:
Imagine an upside down cone of experience, with the gross experience at the top point and the infinitely subtle nothing at the base.
One sinks down to the bottom and and moves identification/subject to subtler and subtler levels while witnessing subtler and subtler experience objects in the journey.
There is death at every stage, it is a staged death.
Death of the specific coarser identification, which gets sublimated into the subtle at each level.

As identification shifts, the divine intelligence works at each level (its natural function) to create structure, coherence, harmony, order, beauty.
So at each stage, there are temporary self structures that are created and dissolved.
So there is alternate coherence – chaos – coherence – chaos in the transformation process as one takes identity into the subtle.

So this is a never ending process of death and rebirth.

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