Life situtation – subjective vs. objective

The question is about the life situation – subjective vs. objective?
Is it subjectively good/bad and objectively good/bad?
How do I see clearly?
But what I realized is that the objective situation is ultimately a ‘subjective situation’ holding onto I do (a subset of a subjective part which I hold on to as objective).
In fact, the dissolution that has happened in me, is precisely that the dissolution of the objective which has dissolved into subjectivity.
So my experience is more like a dream with no ground – I could say profoundly insecure. Because the ground itself has started changing just like the rest of my experience.
So its all subjective only and I create my reality based on where I put my attention.
And this is again controlled by cathexis which is different all the time.
The unchanging cathexis is what people generally refer to as objective.
But I have no such unchanging cathexsis, now my cathexis itself vibrates and changes in the fire of my being.
I had a high cathexis for my job earlier – the UX field in general.
Now I seem to have lost a lot of it and find it very difficult to rekindle the fire which is now just burning embers.
When seen from the perspective of spirit, there is only the subjective [aliveness, relationships, cathexis, eros, fire, love are the only things that really matter]

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