All experience is a fractal of belief

Today I had an interesting experience in the short elevator trip – What you believe gets reflected back to you in a loop.

I was generally feeling quite isolated, alienated, separated, lonely, alone -> when I saw the other enter the elevator they appeared so cold, aloof, self-absorbed, narrow, profoundly hostile and unfriendly -> Now when I experienced the other as I described, I mirrored their behavior and I also retracted, stayed totally aloof, poker faced, and even avoided all eye contact -> then I realized even the other person would have seen me as hostile and mirrored the same back to me -> and this would go on forever in a loop.

So there is YOUR BELIEF about the other -> Creating your experience -> Causing you to externally project your relationship to the experience as a behavior -> Others witness your external behavior and what you are putting out -> They process what they witness based on their Beliefs -> which creates their experience -> causing them to externally react/behave based on how they experienced what you put out -> You again witness their reaction to you -> again this new input passes through your beliefs and creates your experience and thereby confirms your belief.

So the experience of reality is a fractal of belief.
But beliefs are always changing.
What changes the belief is a mystery, maya, god itself.

Also, I can only see others(as I experience them) and react. I cannot see myself. Whatever others tell me I am, that is the only self I think/believe I am. But I do not experience myself, just like a flame cannot burn itself. So whatever I believe myself to be (conventionally) is entirely a false construct.

Also, the others that see me and tell me who I am, are seeing their experience of me, which is based on their own beliefs – and beliefs are always changing and moving themselves. So they too are “not seeing the real me” and its not that others can objectively see you.

So this is like a hall of endless mirrors reflecting the one God changing form (as changing beliefs). So then all selves are simply believed to exist.

If our parents during our formative years loved/cherished/nurtured us, then that forms our belief structure -> accordingly shapes our behavior -> and accordingly gets reflected from everyone everywhere -> confirming the belief again.

So a loving person literally lives in a loving world in his experience.
Similarly a hateful person, lives in a hate filled world, because his own belief gets reflected back again and again.

Since only God moves belief -> which moves experience -> all we can do is surrender to the flow.

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