Presence of an Experiencer indicates lack

If there is an experiencer in experience, then the question arises, why is the experiencer standing apart from the experience.
To get something from the experience correct?
Infact experience itself happens because of the friction between the experiencer and the experience that is flowing.
All experience happens by contrast or a fundamental duality between the experiencer and the experienced.

Somewhere in very happy moments, when you are thoroughly absorbed and enjoying something, the absorption causes the experiencer to disappear.
At such moments (say you are doing constant mindfulness practice by habit), you may remind yourself to observe what is going on.
This instantly creates an observer/experiencer where previously there was only absorption.
You can feel this shift.
It would feel as if you are somehow separating yourself from the experience (absorption) and moving to the point of view of a disconnected observer.
In some ways, doing this creates separation/alienation because now again you become the observer.

In deep sleep, it is precisely this separation that does not happen, you are so totally IT, that there is no separation between an experiencer who is experiencing the experience of deep sleep.
Somewhere we all seek experiences in life that would cause our experiencer to disappear.
The experiencer in a way, is always looking for that which would end its presence.

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