About Cathexis

Cathexis is a very interesting concept (from psychoanalysis)
Cathexis = the concentration of mental energy on one particular person, idea, or object OR investment of energy on one particular person, idea, or object.
Just broadening the definition of cathexis in the below paragraph.

What controls beliefs? – belief investment, belief cathexis
What controls thought? – thought investment, idea cathexis
What controls feelings? – emotional investment, emotion cathexis
What controls externally perceivable action? – action investment, action cathexis
In a sense the hierarchy of top-down action would be:
Belief investment -> Thought investment -> Feelings investment -> Action investment
All of these – belief, emotion, thought and action investments are ultimately various forms of energy investment.
What we truly are is the energy itself and all the movements/investments of this energy are appearances of the ONE energy.

Ultimately, Identification with the above investments is the obstacle to liberation.
Dis-identification from the above investments = Liberation.
Investments still happen in liberation, but there is no identification with them.
One identifies oneself not with any investment but rather sees all investment as appearance and identifies solely with the ONE pervading energy essence.
What controls energy movement, energy investment, energy cathexis? = The Mystery
So one may say “I am that ONE energy and my movement is controlled by a mystery which eternally surprises me, but I have never left myself ever in the whole ride”.

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