Body and Psyche Field

Lets divide the entirety of ‘What IS’ into 2 entities – body and psychic force.
In reality there is no body but rather there is only psychic force/spirit/energy/god.
Body is like a machine/structure that is created by the psychic force as a crystallized part of itself, and then the psyche perceives then perceives the REST OF ITSELF “THROUGH” this structure/crystallization/body.
So in a sense, the psyche has created a point of view (via. the body structure) and now experiences the rest of itself through this point of view.

Now the psyche when experiencing itself through a crystallization/structure/body, forgets its true nature and starts to identify with the structure/body itself.
This may be so that it can enjoy the unique experience of being a LITERAL object.
Once the psyche starts to believe that it is the body, in essence the psyche has also simultaneously become unconscious to the fact that the body is not its real nature and is simply part of itself it has voluntarily chosen to crystallize into and limit reality experience.

So now, a duality has been created in the psyche by the psyche forgetting itself. This is the origin of duality.
Unconscious Psyche – Forgetting its true nature: resulting in believing that it is the literally the body OR that it is an object.
Conscious Psyche – Manifests itself as the WILL of the body structure (Pure ego experience).
As long as the psyche believes that it is the body – there will be fear.
This is because, if it is the body, then loss of the body is possible from the forces outside itself.
We can therefore see another duality – Self and the other.
The psyche believes itself to be a ‘self’ and calls the rest of existence the ‘other’.
Again since the other always contains forces that can vanquish the self, the psyche lives in fear.

When the psyche realizes that its real nature is much vaster that the body and that it has nothing to fear because it is all of existence/experience itself, then the psyche is liberated from its ‘point of view’ which it previously believed to be itself.

So transcendence or liberation is about the psyche getting liberated from its own point of view which was voluntarily chosen. The psyche realizes that there was never an other, and that it is everything in existence.
The identification of the psyche moves out of its limiting point of view to the entirety of itself.

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