Water, Salt and Capsule Analogy

Imagine you had a capsule filled with salt, and dropped it in water. As long as the capsule is not dissolved, the salt stays safe inside. But once the capsule is dissolved, the salt is immediately seized by the water, engulfs it, and the water thereby starts rapidly eroding and dissolving the salt into itself. To the extent to which the capsule walls have dissolved, to that extent, the water would access more and more surface area of the salt and dissolve it.

I feel like this is analogous to what is happening to the ego and its repression walls. Say the ego = salt, repression walls = capsule, water = God/Reality/What IS.

So its like my repression walls (capsule) have been greatly dissolved, and therefore the salt (which is my ego or what I believe I am) is being attacked by the water relentlessly. It seems like once the repression walls are removed, there is no escape from this process of dissolution. I have no choice but to completely let go and let myself(ego) be completely dissolved by the water/life.

And later maybe, once the dissolving is completed, and my suffering has ended, I would BE the entire water, or the salt(ego) that I am would embed itself seamlessly into all of the water.

But I don’t know how long I would have to endure trial after trials.
Seems neverending. I am constantly in a state of entranced dread.
I just have to surrender that too.

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