Embedded structures determine our experience

Let us divide the embedded structures into 2 broad categories:
1. Personal embedded structures
2. Pre-personal embedded structures
– The personal embedded structures are the structures of your mental ego/personality.
– The pre-personal embedded structures are the structures of the collective unconscious. This may include aspects such as genes, dna, heredity and structures related and shared with all of humanity itself.

Now the pure life force/prana/qi is like electricity.
Just as electricity flows through your laptop and powers it on and all its potentials, similarly, the pure life force light passes through the pre-personal embedded structures first and then through the personal embedded structures and enlivens their potentials just like electricity passes through your laptop structure (circuit boards etc.) and enlivens all its potentials.

So pure experience of sattva/light/purusha/brahman/life/god passes through and manifests itself through the prepersonal and personal embedded structures. So the structures are what limit us to THIS experience – prepersonal structures limit us to the human experience, and personal structures limit us further one more level to a specific egoic/personality experience.

In some sense, as long as one is in the human form (structure), the highest level one can transcend is the personal structure. When that is done, one lives the FULL potential of being a human being. To go beyond this, i.e. to transcend the human structure potentials itself, one must dissolve this body structure too. As long as we have a body, we are limited by it since the pure light will manifest itself only through the body structure.

Another good analogy for this might be:
– Imagine Electricity is the pure life force.
– Say your laptop hardware is the prepersonal embedded structure
– And the laptop OS is your personal embedded structure

Now electricity is itself pure and formless.
It flows into the laptop first and enlivens the machine – display, keyboard, trackpad, inputs and so on.
Thereafter, it loads the operating system, which is another structure overlayed which limits the potentials of the machine accordingly.

Imagine you transcend the O.S. aspect of the laptop. That is equivalent to the highest transcendence a human can achieve while still being in the body. So then you could load any O.S. (say there are billions of possibilities) and you would be free of any PARTICULAR O.S. Similarly, one would be free of any particular personality once the personal structure is transcended and thus would have free access to the whole dimension of ‘human experience’.

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