Story of the Dark Night of the Soul

Dark night essentially releases the ring of primal repression material that surrounds and maintains the ego. When the gates of repression are opened, all this unpleasant repressed material rushes into your experience. You are suddenly severely burdened.

If you are on the sea, the sea becomes so stormy, you have to focus all your attention simply to survive. If you are in a desert, then you are hit by a huge sandstorm. Basically, the integrated structure of the ego is disintegrated by all this unconscious content flooding. Just like a tsunami destroys and damages all the settlements. You are now wounded. Until the new integrated structure forms, you live in chaos and incoherence and this brings out all fears from your ego which has got crippled by all this influx.

You suddenly are not only injured, you are also carrying a heavy cross of all the repressed material. This is a trial. You have to walk like jesus with the cross on your back, the weight of the cross is also wearing you out as you take each step forward. You still walk and collapse a few times.

Eventually however, the contents of you and the cross combine to form a new integrated structure, and the entire weight of the cross you once bore, all the suffering you bore, now becomes your new strength and compassion. You are transformed.

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