Breath of life

Where does the potential energy for drawing an in-breath come from?
What is this force that rides you through an in-breath?
What is the force that starts the inbreath?
What is the force that continues to act in the middle of your inbreath draw taking you upto the cresendo?

Roller coaster analogy:
– Just like a roller coaster needs power from a motor to reach the top, God powers your inbreath draw until it reaches the cresendo.
– Later when the roller coaster falls it does not require the motor power anymore. Similarly when we breath out, it simply falls and does not require God’s power anymore. God powers the inbreath until the cresendo and then simply lets it fall back/release to the ground.

This feeling of a potential energy of spirit moving you, is the presence of God that you feel. When this energy of God is withdrawn, you release yourself/yield/fall to death.
Once you fall back to the ground, you are once again powered by God into another manifestation.
Each lifetime is like a cycle of the breath of God.

Become entirely silent and ask yourself:
Are you causing this breath?
Where is it arising from?
What is moving the energy in that manner?
What is this force?
What is life apart from feeling this potential energy moving your experience?

Microcosm of breath – Macrocosm of cosmos
– The breath and the cosmos are driven by the same energy.
– The same energy that propels your inbreath, is propelling all of life, is making the planets revolve, is making the sun shine.
– All life and creation is moved by the same force as that which moves your inbreath.
– The same pattern applies to everything in the cosmos.

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