Difference between Health and Disease is Entropy

I think the difference between health and disease is just entropy (degree of disorder in the system). There is a force that creates order, harmony and coherence. When that force decreases, you fall into higher entropy states causing disease. As entropy increases, due to lack of this organizing coherence-ing force I spoke about above (you can call it God), the integrity of the structure of all your systems is lost. This may include your personality structure and your physical body structure. This leads me to conclude that God is essentially the force of anti-entropy. God is the in-breath force. Death is the out-breath fall into entropy.

This also means that life is when god is with you i.e. when its anti-entropy force is acting on you. Death is when this force is withdrawn and you fall back into disintegration, elemental forms and lose all your structures.
Creation = Anti-entropy = structure = presence of God
Destruction = entropy = dissolution = absence of God

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