Enjoy this moment

Enjoy your projections in the moment.
This moment and flavor will never come back again as the projections take on an eternal dance between dualities.

It is like eternally changing music (sound), taste (food), picture and colors (visual), feelings (sensations). They are all changing within the earth paradigm and soon even the earth paradigm would change to another meta-paradigm and so on…following the hierarchy all the way upto God.

Along with this infinite change, we are also whole at each moment, transitioning from one whole to another whole.
Behind the movement, if we see a dimension above change, is the unchanging awareness.
I am free falling from whole to another whole, eternally.
There is nothing to protect, nothing to become, nothing to be, nothing to do, nowhere to go.
You just are THISssss …….falling.
Free falling into experience.

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