Dualities constantly charge each other

In my experience this has rung true again and again.
– For example, my family environment was very stifling and controlling, and this lasted for the first 23 years of life, so when I left my country for doing my masters, I was FREED. I enjoyed 2-3 years of euphoria and freedom while doing my masters. This euphoria was because of the release. I was compressed and stifled tightly for 23 years and these 2-3 years were the release.
– I was compressed like a spring, and therefore when the pressure released I expanded. The joy was in the expansion.
– Similarly I think nirvana and separation charge each other. Your experience is so much more glorious only when you have felt utterly alone and separate. Separation is like compressing the spring, and nirvana is the euphoria of release.
– Imprisonment and Freedom charge each other. Being imprisoned in the ego charges up the pleasure of enlightenment. So whenever you are imprisoned, it charges the potential pleasure on release. Whenever you are released, it charges the potential for imprisonment.
– Deprivation charges the potential for enjoying abundance. Abundance charges the potential for deprivation.
– Everything is like a energetic pendulum, a dance of energy, each swing potentiating the enjoyment of the swing in the opposite direction.
– Suffering and Joy potentiate each other too, similarly.

Analogy of a swing:
Imagine a swing, you first use your effort to kick yourself back, the anticipation increases the higher up the swing moves back, because you know it is going to swing back in the other direction and the potential is building (it isn’t going to move forever backward in the direction you pushed it, you intuitively know this). It reaches a peak and then the swing starts falling. The fun of the fall is proportional to the amount of effort you put in kicking yourself backward, and how high you kicked the swing backward. The pattern is exactly like cos wave.
Effort from desire -> Reaches peak/cresendo -> Release.
Note there is pleasure in both the halfs of the wave.
1. The pleasure of anticipation while you put effort.
2. The pleasure of the reward as you release your effort and fall.

Analogy of the breath:
The same principle applies to the breath. You breath in until you reach a cresendo and then breathe out and let it fall/relax. The in-breath is the Yang, the outbreath is the Yin.
Notice carefully.
The Yang movement exhausts yang and potentiates Yin.
The Yin movement exhausts yin and potentiates Yang.
This breath pattern reveals all the secrets of energy.
Life is breathing forever through its energies.

That is the dance. You are that dance itself.

The cycle of Separation/Ego and Nirvana/Union
At the grandest scale a similar principle applies. There is separation which is like an inbreath. You breath this separation in until it reaches the peak. And then you dissolve your own separation in the outbreath and take yourself back to release/union/infinity/nirvana. And then the desire to repeat the inbreath of separation emerges again. And you inbreathe yourself into separation again. There is infinite creativity in this process.

Analogy of an orchestra:
It is like an orchestra where the players are endlessly improvising their tunes.
First they play different songs in the same genre. (different lives on earth)
Then after completing one genre there is a shift to another genre. (maybe life in a different planet in a different form and realm)
And so on.

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