What is power?

What is power?
The ability to alter/change one’s own experience is power.
Belief is what carries the ability to alter/change experience.
So belief is a kind of power.
Belief/Faith can move mountains, is really true.

Another way to put it would be:
Appearances of potential energy in your consciousness = power.
Because every potential energy appearance has the power to turn into manifestation.
Greater the potential energy appearance, greater the power to manifest from it.
Now these potential energy appearances can appear to be stable or fleeting.
Once a particular power leaves you even for a moment, you realize that it is not yours, not permanent, and that it can be taken away.

All expectations are expectations of potentials/powers.
Its up to you to look inside yourself and feel, to see if you genuinely have those expected potentials or not.
After all, what are you but the sum of your potential energies?

– Even a belief of “I can do this” is power, because it is the seeing of your potential to accomplish that task.
– ‘Interest’ is power too. “I can figure it out for sure OR I would love to figure this out”. Interest is the power/potential to acquire powers of knowledge.
– Knowledge too is power. “I know I can do this” is power too. Knowledge is the power to know how to accomplish a goal.
– Even capacity to hold on to knowledge is a power. It is the power of retention.
– Receiving and Giving are 2 different powers.
– Money is power – because it is potential for experiences (expected experiences) that money can buy.
– Accumulation of knowledge, money, social connections, drugs are all attempts to capture potential experiences/capture powers.
– All capacities/potentials for experience are powers.
– There is both power in depth and power in breath. (You can know a little of everything or know some things deeply for instance).

The power of sustained attention is required to enjoy something.
We get these attention powers from coffee, alcohol, weed.
Each drugs grants certain powers of experience as long as it is active.

Living each moment entirely and expressing all your power potentials completely at each moment is ecstasy. But this also requires all energies in your experience to be in harmony.
[Full Expression + Harmony] = Ecstasy, Wonder, Beauty.

The important note here is, “power” is your experience, power is an experience by itself. The source of power lies within, not outside.

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