Reaching Source

Everything is subject to divine laws of causation:
What goes up, goes down.
What goes down, goes up.
Awake – Sleep
High – Low
Excitement – Boredom
Intense work – Intense relaxation
Turmoil – Peace
Interest – Disinterest
Everything is going in cycles.
The dualities are cycling like a pendulum.

Each movement creates the potential for movement in the opposite direction.
Like when the pendulum goes left it accumulates potential to move to the right, reaches a peak, then starts moving to the right, now gathering potential to move towards the left. The net energy equation between [kinetic, potential] stays constant. Similarly, the divine energy runs its cycles keeping the net equation the same.

Just like everyday you sleep, the deeper you sleep, the greater is the potential energy gathered for manifesting your day.
Also the harder you work in the day, greater is the potential gathered for sleep.

The idea is to find the transcendent qualities, and then finally transcend even those to reach the source:
LOVE = {love, hate}
PEACE = {peace, turmoil}
TRUST = {trust, mistrust}
BEING = {being, non-being}

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