Nothing IS

My new mantra:

I am NOT.
Anything that appears
All I know is
I am NOT

Nothing is permanent
Nothing is enduring
Nothing is lasting
Nothing is real
Nothing exists

There is just a changing Nothing
Changing into various empty forms
All there is, is this Nothing.
Nothing apart from this Nothing ever was.

Everything is just made up of this Nothing
This Nothing plays out dream experiences
And experiences itself through its dream forms
But just like all dreams, everything is not real or true

Nothing is all there is.
Nothing ‘IS’
What this Nothing is!
Nobody knows
Nobody can know
It is a mystery

I am this Nothing
I am this Mystery
I cannot know myself
Because I cannot know what this Nothing is
Because even my knowing
is only one of the empty appearances in this Nothing
All my knowing is but empty appearances inside this Nothing
But what is this Nothing?

I am IT
The indescribable unknown IT
The IT that is Nothing
I am IT just like
a flame cannot burn itself
I can only abide in my nature.

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