The energy of existence is love.

The energy that upholds existence is love.
The energy that allows something to exist is love.
The energy that gives strength for something to exist is love.
The ‘What Is’ experience you are having right now exists because of love.
(which includes your self, which is part of ‘What is’)
Another way to put it would be, all creation is from love.
All existence is a creation.

The fact that YOU exist is itself a testament of that love.
Because all existence is from love (the love of god, or love of the all encompassing nature of reality).
That way, every experience you have is from love, why? because it exists.
This includes everything good/bad, turmoil/pleasure, everything.
Every appearance has love behind it.
I could call love, the ‘energy of existence’ itself (to remove its romantic connotations).

Another way to put it would be ‘Desire = Love’.
The entirety of your experience is God’s desire
(or you could say, your higher self desire, because god is whatever ceiling we can perceive, which is basically our own higher nature).
To live in this field of love, is to align one’s awareness/perception to God’s desire.
It is sublimating personal desires into God’s desire which is existence itself.

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