Everything is empty

All knowledge is empty (It is only an appearance)
All identity is empty (It is only an appearance)
All experience is empty

The dark night of the soul is empty (It is just an appearance)
The illuminated state of mind is empty
Both suffering/pain and pleasure/joy are empty

Light/Day is empty
Darkness/night is empty
Both expanded and narrow consciousness are empty
All worlds are empty – physical, mental, emotional
(They are all changing appearances)

Everything is empty
Everything is an appearance
Nothing is true/real/substance/essence
The only thing that is true is ‘THAT’ (the Dao)

Everything is just the brilliant mysterious emptiness
Appearing as various forms, objects, people, worlds
All experience is like music
A pattern that forms, changes, takes on all kinds of qualities
And fades back into the quality-less silence, the unborn, the unmanifest.

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