About judgment – linked to codependency and higher consciousness

We judge others to protect ourselves from them, to create separation.
For example, me saying that person is dumb, also implies I am not dumb and I do not want to be associated with dumbness.
It implies a disassociation, a separation, a disowning of that quality, which is anyways appearing in your consciousness.
Me and that person are separate, this is what I am trying to create in my mind by this judgment. And I am trying to move my love and focus away from this undesirable compartment.
A compartmentalization of me vs. other. My quality vs. their quality.
It is divisive by nature.
In reality dumbness is my quality, because it appeared in my consciousness.

Everything in your consciousness is YOU, or a form of you.
And judging implies attention being placed on the .
Judging happens when the is undesirable, so you want to create a separation from that. If it were desirable, you will happily embrace it and not care about judging.
Now if its undesirable, why would someone place their attention on the vs. ?
Because of dependence?- coming from the belief of needing others?
Because in early childhood, your parents were narcissists?
Creating codependence as an algorithm for survival and seeking love/acceptance?

Another interesting reason could be having a but .
So you witness everyone around you and your perceptions of them, but you also witness that threatening the perception of your small identified self definition. So then the higher consciousness broad attention range manifests as a tyranny against your smaller self which has to constantly judge push away struggle against the influx of all undesirable aspects. This has been my situation since childhood. Somebody would tell me person is bad and convince me about it. But that person is entirely in my awareness (which is empath like and very broad). So then I struggle against my own perception of the other, trying to desperately create separation between me and him. So the truth of this is that, I am everything, the bad and the good, everything that I imagine and perceive. And all others are basically which is me.
So in effect all my struggle was the struggle of my little identified self against my vaster self.

Everything is happening inside me.
So in effect all my war has been against this enormous influx of all pushed away undesirable aspects of my own nature as seen from the eyes of the small identified self. So the real challenge is ACCEPTANCE.

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