About causation models

All causation apparently happens, but even this causation is revealed randomly in different amounts, and even this apparent causation is constantly changing. At one time, a certain model looks true. At another time another model looks true. At times, when your mind is sharp, your model is wide and detailed and you can literally explain all your problems in beautiful articulation, at other times your model of life is blotchy unclear narrow murky and you take decisions based on whatever little you can figure out at that time. Which is the absolute model might be the question? There seems to be no such absolute model.
The way to the absolute is to transcend all these thought models themselves.
It is to go beyond thought, to the nature of thought.
Transcending thought is to discover the substance of thought itself and identify with the substance vs. content

Like supposing I say, now I know the truth, and in childhood I did not know the truth, that would not be true. The truth in my childhood was different from the truth I have now and the truth in the future would be different too. Even the causation models keep changing. Everything is dancing emptiness, everything is dreaming. I cannot say my dream 20 years ago was any less real/unreal compared to the dream I have now. Transcendence is to go beyond all this. It is to reach the true nature of the entirety of existence.

Sometimes I think sugar is good for me and it is validated in my experience too, I feel better. Sometimes I eat sugary stuff and feel terrible, then I change my model to sugar is bad for me. Then I read on the internet, where it talks about the biology of the body etc. and how sugar is bad. So then my model is sugar is bad in theory, but sometimes feels good and sometimes feels bad. So in this manner the model of life is constantly changing and dancing. No model is true then – they are all formations, appearances, like your screen saver dancing on your screen.

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