A computer system analogy for the dark night

The hardware is the brain.
The personality software is the OS and apps.
When the entire OS is going to be changed like changing from windows XP to windows 10, first all the apps are closed (stopping all external activities and interests), then the PC is rebooted.
In the process of rebooting, the entire OS is slowly removed from memory and the resources are refreshed.
This stage is akin to a total collapse of identity and all its interests, preoccupations and so on.
A 0 point is reached when the previous OS is almost entirely removed from memory and the system has just restarted.
Then the new software is then installed – Windows 10 say.
This is the stage when a new structure is formed in consciousness.
Once windows 10 is fully in place, you are like fresh, anew, reborn into a new consciousness structure with new activities, interests and desires.
This is the process of transformation.
Imagine a more organic version of this process and that would be the dark night (like a caterpillar -> cocoon -> butterfly).
It is essentially a dissolution of the old, birth of the new. A death and rebirth.

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