The Dark Night of the soul is about experiencing and transforming the sickness of the ego

The journey to the infinite is simply in the dissolution of the ‘structures of perception’ and ‘lenses of perception’. In a metamorphosis of structure, everything is lost…the inner and outer…actually there is no inner and outer but rather both are structure. There is structure + growth OR structure + decay.

Reality is input interpretation With the expansion of consciousness, the structure goes through a metamorphosis, which changes from growth – to stagnation – to decay – to chaos – to neutrality – to 0 ness – and then grows itself organically into its new larger structure which removed the disharmonies/unconscious parts/diseased parts that were inherent in the previous narrow structure.

The desire to die, the wanting to die is precisely the same as the want to be reborn anew. It is the want to transform entirely. It is the want for an entirely new experience and not just a modification of the current structure. The movement of reality follows the desire. So an intense desire to die, manifests as dissolution of all old structures leading through all the stages described above – growth – stagnation – decay – chaos – neutrality – 0 ness – budding new growth – growing into the new harmonized structure. They are all the stages of metamorphosis. Everything in reality closely follows desire. Notice that you are always moving in the direction of your true desire.

The dark night is exactly like a sickness. Experience your sickness to move to a greater whole – greater experience – greater harmony. The ego is a sickness or cancer in front of the greater whole. This sickness is something everyone in the world is living with, because they are unaware of the whole. Once the whole is revealed to consciousness, there is a swift restructuring of the ego to be in harmony with the whole (god/oversoul/ultimate reality/field of being), experienced as dark night.

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