About dark night – how it ends

The soul energy initially occupies the entire ego and gives it power…then in the DN, it starts descending through all the egoic entities…everytime it crosses an egoic entity that entity floods experience with its reactions….so we may experience guilt, terror, sadness, hopelessness, bleakness, fatigue, powerlessness, anger, hatred – all kinds of stuff…..but the soul energy is falling from the gross ego to the (higher) subtler dimension…so that is why the reactions do not repeat again and you experience various intense phenomena like dreams but which happen only once….the reverse karma principle.

Now if soul energy is withdrawn from an egoic entity, that entity cannot sustain itself like before, like a car wheel has been de-clutched from the engine….so it desperately tries to survive with whatever little energy it contains by throwing you into all kinds of vices, desperation and compulsions. That may be the reason for the very high fatigue because the soul(engine) has withdrawn power, but the identification is still there, so it fights for its life translating as struggle, but without soul energy there is no power in the entity to survive (powerlessness and fatigue).

This continues until the soul energy has stabilized at its new subtle level and all previous grosser identifications have been extinguished.

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