The 3 worlds – Physical, Astral, Mental

There are 3 worlds:
– Mental world
– Astral world
– Physical world
The dream of waking life is in the intermingling of these 3 worlds in a particular configuration.

The 3 worlds are actually independent “dimensions” of existence, but they get coupled together in a certain relationship to create the full experience you are having now. These 3 worlds are actually independent of each other.

For example: If the astral world becomes still suddenly, i.e. it stops responding/dancing/moving in response to the physical world objects, you will still be in the physical world, but feel absolutely no emotion, just nothing.
The opposite of that might be, if you are sitting in your room and take LSD. The astral world will come alive, and though you are sitting in the same physical setting, the astral movement initiated by LSD will create numinous emotions and a sense of great significance and joy in you.

There is a mapping between worlds, where ingredients come together to create a full dream experience.
For example: Consider eating an edible, made up of sugar and a number of ingredients. The physical edible, its sweetness, the desire and love for the sweetness sensation, and the concept of eating an edible, all come together in creating the experience of eating an sweet edible.
If the sugar is removed from the sweet, the sweetness quality is lost. You are then eating a tasteless physical object.
If the model of the conception of you eating, and all its prerequisites are removed i.e. if the meaning of “Eating a sweet” is removed, then the experience is meaningless and there is no you and no sweet edible and no eating.

So the analogy here is, the physical edible is the physical world.
The sweetness from the sugar in it is from the astral world.
The mental world is the concept of you, the edible and the relationship of eating the edible.

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