About desire and ‘nodes and branches’ of activity

Activity without soul desire is empty.
Activity without ego desire is empty.
So when desire withdraws from all activities,
Those activities lose power and become burdens.

Until desire energy withdraws from the main nodes.
Even if desire energy is withdrawn from the branches,
You will still struggle with low energy and somehow fulfill those branch activities.
This is because there is still identification and desire with the node, and the node depends on all its branches for its fulfillment.

For example, desire might have withdrawn from the work you do everyday,
But you still struggle and drag yourself to work everyday,
If there is still desire in the security of the concept of work and the money/status/security it provides.

So here the nodes are money/security/status and the branches are your work etc.
So even if desire has withdrawn from the branches,
Until it leaves the node, you cannot quit work.
This explains the struggle, fatigue, non-responsiveness factor.

That is why, follow your deep desire
Where-ever it takes you, where-ever it leads you
Know the difference between an empty/shallow desire and a real/deep desire
Empty desire gives shallow fulfillment that is very short lived
Real desire gives deep fulfillment

Fulfilling the soul’s desire gives the most enduring fulfillment.
In a way renunciation of shallower desires is so that you can find the deep desires.
Else life is just lived in emptiness with very temporary fleeting joys.
Deeper the desire, greater the joy of living it.

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