The dark night stands between the unconscious ego effort and the ultimate reality of freedom

Sometimes your thinking/imagination/ego totally fails you – you feel a pain/discomfort/uneasiness/emptiness – and when no direction of effort in imagination/thinking can remove it.

You can at most cover it up a little by putting effort. But even this effort is not possible once the self is dissoluted enough, because then this self is too thin and weak to generate effort to remove this awareness of the root unease. It is at that stage the discomfort becomes literally unavoidable and the DN ensues.

So this means you cannot go anywhere in the world, have any kind of relationship, whatever, no action of yours will remove the discomfort. The cognitive dissonance and madness is seen, escape is no longer an option. No direction of effort in thought/imagination appears to remove this awareness. You cannot forget it no matter what you do and all action of any kind is a cover up from this base state you have discovered in the journey towards peace. It is when nothing you can do can truly make you forget this. Where the only direction to move is to go into that uneasiness space itself and try to remove those shards from your being – by contemplation. You are made aware of your disconnection from God and all the false stuff that stands between you and the ultimate. Thereafter it is the untangling of all the fibers of your being and the gradual removal of all the unconscious binding forces (which are created from false definitions and beliefs).

This is the journey towards removing all unconscious effort. In your earlier years, this egoic veiling effort was automatic. But now you are literally aware of the effort you are putting, it is conscious, and you are also aware of the purpose of the effort – i.e. it was to avoid the reality you are facing now which IS the DARK NIGHT ITSELF. So the Dark night space, is the very reason for the existence of the unconscious ego. So with the consciousness of the unconscious ego effort, one enters into the region which was the reason for the ego’s creation in the first place. Those cluster of DARK NIGHT experience creating beliefs which created and maintained this unconscious ego effort. But getting past this region is quintessential to reaching great peace and freedom and the removal of all fears. Peace is not possible if there is unconscious effort. Peace needs 100% consciousness and freedom.

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