The unconscious as a frozen spirit machine

I think the unconscious is basically just “frozen spirit”.
It functions through “unconscious spirit made machines”.
It is similar to matter, just like matter is “frozen spirit” too.
The “frozen machines” are one level above matter since they involve movement in a certain algorithm, certain fractal pattern of influencing experience.
Its all “God energy” ultimately.
Everything is “God energy/consciousness”.
There is nothing but that.
However, I can say these Gods/Creators(People) that I am seeing around me, are limited Gods, limited by their frozen machine like unconscious.
These limited Gods are outwardly driven by the algorithms in their unconscious/frozen spirit machine.
They continue to be outward directed until their outward movement completes and there is a pull inward, which then takes them through their machine like frozen spirit, makes them fully aware of their machine(karma) and how it was influencing their reality.
Finally there is a strong desire to be LARGER and be free of this unconscious machine spirit configuration(karma) which is then dissoluted and the spirit dissolves its frozen machine configuration into free moving water and reattains FREEDOM.

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