Ego as Resistance to “What Is”

Reaching/touching “What is” is one thing
Resting as “What is” is another

Usually when you are not in “What is”, and you push yourself to “What is”, then that experience is:
What is(how much of What is you see depends on how much you have to resist to reach it) + Resistance.
It is like a stretched rubber band just touching the ‘What is’ field.
An anti-force applied to your forward moving ego forces. For example, if you are mind wandering about some strange topic, with some momentum, and suddenly you remember your spiritual practice to stay in “What is”, then you apply a counter force to this mind wandering force to pay attention to the present moment experience.

So the more you lose your gross forces and your ego (verb: outward moving forces), the more and more ‘What is’ is revealed to you. Because in the rubber band case, you can only touch ‘What is’ and it is unpleasant to you because there is so much resistance along with the present moment experience. However if the entire egoic forces get thinned out, you can dwell in bliss for long periods of time and more of What is is revealed to you. This is because thinned ego is a rubber band that has much more slack and closer to the center. So you are move around and explore ‘What is’ a lot more.

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