More about Love – Cording vs. Chording OR Resonance vs. Magnetism

Identification is love.
Whatever we consider our self (i.e. whatever we identify with) to be changes from time to time and in scope and content too. Identification is the moving energy of love itself.

When what we identify with, matches exactly with what the other soul identifies with,
The 2 souls CORD with each other.
– You recognize the overwhelming similarity. This is your twin-soul/brother/sister soul.
– In such a case, there is self-expansion, comfort, security, peace.
– This is the NOUN form of LOVE.
– There is resonance of 2 like souls.

Another case is when, we are identified with X, but another soul identifies with Y, and the X and Y “CHORD” with each other.
– Such a case, is when you feel a longing to be with the other because they increase the beauty in your life. A deep desire to include them in your life so that they may merge into you.
– This the VERB form of LOVE.
– There is magnetism of 2 complementary souls.

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