About true love

True love is a combination of “TRUE AND COMPLETE AWARENESS” and a “DEEP DESIRE TO INCLUDE YOU” as themselves.
– Love is when one completely and genuinely understands you, is willing to include you as a part of oneself and treats you with the same utmost good intentions and nurturing with which one treats oneself.
– That willingness to include another as part of oneself is LOVE, and this means you also treat the other with the same ‘interest’/quality as you treat yourself.
– Maybe this desire/magnetism/attraction we feel for another, *IF* we are seeing them as they really are, and not as a projected fantasy, is love.

In most cases it seems, people see the other with projected fantasies.
So they are in other words, in love with their fantasies, and not with the REAL person.
The person who can get infatuated ever so easily but is always disappointed later is basically an expert in projecting all his/her fantasy on a girl/guy which lasts until the trance is lost and eventually they start to see the reality of the person.

So maybe we could say:
TRUE LOVE (as a verb) = Perception of the deepest soul/mind/emotion/body essence of the other + WILLINGNESS/DESIRE to include the other AS THEY REALLY ARE.
TRUE LOVE (as a noun) = To be unioned with the other and treating them the same as you treat yourself. Your self itself is now expanded to include the other. In such a state there is no desire for the other, because desire is possible only for something that is not you. You cannot desire yourself, you are ONE with yourself, you ARE yourself, you are unioned with yourself. Like a flame cannot burn itself. The experience of this is of self transcendence, expanded self. You no longer crave for the object, because you have completely unioned with it.

So the different levels of are:
When both are separate selves having desire:
– Desiring you with attachment – keeps you in a prison, but gives you the upliftment of being desired.
– Desiring you without attachment – frees you, but also gives you the upliftment of being desired.
Merger stage:
Both mutually include each other into their beings
– Gives great satisfaction, comfort, expansion, union, self-transcendence (to the degree of including another), joy.
– Interestingly there is no more desire at this stage. There is an intense union that the two are ONE. So there is no insecurity, fear, guilt, obligation and so on, because such emotions are only possible towards an ‘other’.

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