Astral anima and animus

My anima is an astral entity – from my imagination.
I want to union with my anima.
Union is even beyond trust.
The astral anima is not constrained by space and time and is the true form you desire.
To imagine her fully, first image her physical form in your imagination.
Then imagine her qualities and delve into the experiences you would feel through her contact with you.
At the physical level, the deepest connection limit is sex.
But at the astral level, a far deeper unlimited inter-penetrating union and connection is possible.
The astral partner far transcends the physical.
Energy of my anima – happy, frolicking, very light hearted, very forgiving, accepting, caring, nurturing, reciprocating, allowing, receptive, listens deeply, soft, cherishing, delicate, focused, truly giving, deeply trusting, innocent, ecstatic, euphoric, warm, very kind hearted, unconditionally loving (gives infinite freedom), penetrates my every fiber with softness, flexible, caressing, naughty and playful, involves me, accommodating, highly inclusive, true embracing, generous, graceful, gentle, flowing, no edges and curvy, deep receiver, non-dismissive, deep desire to union with me, cheery, full of life and energy, aliveness, she is always there, dependable under any conditions, tender, patient, helps/nurtures you be exactly what you dream of, highly comfortable with herself, beautiful, pretty, charming, strong in the Yin way, deeply perceptive, artistic, sensual, sexual,  affectionate, sharing, flow, radiance, surrender, deep empathy.

Similarly, I also have the energy of the animus in my imagination.
NOTE: Anima and animus are complementary, not opposites.
Energy of my animus – Wise, strong, hard, intelligent, determination, courage, persistence, transcends everything, highly focused, great knowledge, confident, powerful, overcomer, innovator, achiever of goals, purposeful, force, shoulders responsibility, precise, clarity, firmness, intention, active, driven, ambitious, brilliant mind, integrity, stability, freedom, independence, awareness, direction, logic, passion, breakthrough insights.

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