What is living in emptiness?

In Experience, there is Inflow –> Outflow.
When there is no holding on at all, 100% inflow = 100% outflow.
This is called living in absolute freedom or emptiness.
Like to give an analogy living in this emptiness is like –
You can eat whatever you want and in any amount and it will go out of you without sticking to you one bit through your stools.
Imagine the freedom and happiness that would bring.
In the enlightenment case, this food analogy applies to experience.
You experience everything fully, SO FULLY that nothing sticks.
100% IN = 100% OUT.
And this can expand to infinity as a result.
We are afraid because we are worried something will stick.
But what if everything can be released with 0 stickiness or holding on.
Then you will forever be empty.
You can take INFINITY IN and the INFINITY will go out, allowing another infinity into you and so on.
Everything is then a singular changing consciousness.
[100% inflow = 100% outflow] = Emptiness = 100% Allowing = Infinite freedom to contents = 100% disinterest and dispassion to content = Incredible contentment, happiness and awareness.

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