Transformation Process

Dreams of energy will go on forever by the ‘mystery unknowable (beyond/underneath of knowing) creative force’.
All that there is to do is to surrender into the ocean of subtlety/dissolution, which is not a ‘doing’ but more of an ‘undoing’ of grosser structures and subtleizing, to allow identity to move and function in subtler levels. Ego is at a very subtle level under thoughts themselves. So once the energy gets subtler than the ego, and identity shifts to that, then the energy/identity has the capacity to witness the ego itself and thereby transcends it.
It is like screen resolution.
If the resolution of your consciousness screen is 640×480. Then you cannot see minute objects that you can see when your resolution reaches 1280×720 OR 1920×1080 OR 4k resolution. As the resolution increases, smaller and smaller (subtler and subtler) objects can be perceived. Ego is an object that would be visible say only in a 4k screen. So once you go beyond 4k to 5k or 6k, you have transcended the ego, because you would witness the ego itself. Whereas a person with a resolution of 1280×720 cannot see the ego because it is too subtle to be seen. His resolution does not capture it.

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