War(Abuse), Identifications, Consciousness

When the phenomenon of war is in consciousness, you witness both the attacker/perpetrator and the defender/victim in consciousness. One may identify with the attacker. The other may identify with the defender. But from the consciousness point of view, both have seen the same phenomenon with different identification poles (different points of view in the same phenomenon). So in a way, war is war, in your consciousness, as an experience, whether as a perpetrator or victim, it only changes the point of view. To transcend war is to transcend both the points of view – of attacker and victim, that is, to leave the entire paradigm of the experience itself and remove identification with either perpetrator or victim.

Its like you win/lose is only possible if your investment is in the game.
Without investment in the game, winning of losing is irrelevant.
So withdraw the investment from the perpetrator/victim duals of the game of war.
Once the investment is withdrawn, perpetrator/victim is irrelevant.
Therefore there is neither guilt nor blame.

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