Nature of structures and projection mapping

The world seems to have various emotion/projection mapping matrixes.
Like various activities – mapped to various emotions.
Everything going in circles everywhere. That is the wheel of samsara I would surmise.
Projection mappings to various structures.
The free market and products are essentially selling “Inviting structures” for people to invest their projections in.
The steps are simple:
Create a structure –> Try to consolidate/ground your structure into the already existing frameworks (existing through history) –> Use persuasion/enticing/influencing/subliminal/marketing techniques to create the attraction –> Get people to invest their projections –> Once a sufficient number of people have invested their projections, a GRAVITY is created drawing more and more.
The idea is to build on the mega-investment of the world as it is. Like everything starts off as a seed (like say capitalism) and then as more and more people get invested, more and more creation happens, later all creations are simply standing on the shoulders of the giant already created.
What kind of a stupid game is this? which EVERYONE IS PLAYING?
What if interest in the entire Goliath structure (existing through history) and the people investing further on its shoulders – what if this entire interest is lost?
Basically I have LOST INTEREST in ALL GAMES. Everything is just a structure on which I invest my projections on. Earlier the mappings were UNCONSCIOUS and I took them as TRUTH. But now I see the truth is NOTHING OF THAT, and all those MAPPINGS are simply unconscious mappings. They are PRISONS when seen with the light of consciousness.
When fully consciousness, the sheer magnitude/amount of imprisonment and helplessness is seen through, the sheer magnitude of the task ahead for consciousness to harmonize. With such a massive magnitude, it creates a HUGE HUGE desire to be FREE.
The cloud of unknowing – a divine process is initiated. Until this cloud processes your reality, you will be living in deprivation (Dark night – which is basically loss of projection potentials – a death of potentials/projections). The super structure of the mind (the concept of the entire physical world in included in that) is the matrix, on which our various projections are caught up/stuck.
We have to reclaim them back and only invest anything as a conscious choice.

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