Entities in consciousness field


The non-dual awareness light shines light through the spectrum of high to low vibration.

Light -> High (belief)———(mental)————(etheric)——— Low vibration (physical)

Now there are various entities inhabiting various parts of this spectrum. These entities are like algorithms or programs that modify the light of consciousness in specific ways.

They take input (divine light of ‘What is’) –> modify it –> give an output. These entities are like automaton programs that create more or less predictable output.

The divine light of ‘What is’ at the source shines with the highest vibration with 0 repetition and infinite freshness and change. Whereas these automaton entities reduce the divine light touching them to very predictable forms. These automaton entities can have different levels of subtlety and complexity.

The entire ‘self’ or ‘ego’ itself is an automaton program but a very subtle and highly complex one (it contains the artificial intelligence program or algorithms (algos) of algos of algos of algos.) At each subsequent level, the reductionism is greater, for example at the level of the etheric, say conditions – A,B,C,D,AA,DD,C,FF and 30 more say cause the emotion ANGER. So all the complex input ultimately passes through this entity and it creates one emotion flavor called ‘Anger’.

So in a way, all entities from gross to subtle, the subtlest being the ego/self, are reductions of the divine light’s subtlety and complexity.

Like we could draw a map of grand canyon and then assume that map to BE ‘Grand canyon’. We could create a mental concept of an experience and assume that concept to BE THE EXPERIENCE itself which it is not by a long shot.This is just to give a rough example of what reductionism is. That is why the mind cannot hold a concept of God/Ultimate/Infinite because it is TOO COMPLEX for the mind. The mind can only hold on to a concept of the divine, metaphors, analogies – but all of those are lower frequency and reduce the REAL complexity of the truth/divine. The expression in the form of metaphors nevertheless pours out of people who can feel/sense/intuit the divine, to make it understandable to others without that experience. However the metaphors cannot communicate the EXPERIENCE that causes one to MAKE SUCH METAPHORS.

The DIRECT EXPERIENCE once had however, reveals the truth behind all the metaphors that were used to describe.

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