Truth can only be found in YOUR Experience

In the diagram, observers 1-9 wear the consensus reality lens and see the ‘Consensus Truth’.
Observers 10,11,12 are in altered realities and see 3 truths respectively – truth1, truth2, truth3
The consensus truth is not THE TRUTH which is the mistake science commonly makes, because it does not take into account the observer and his/her lens itself which conditions what is seen. What if the lens itself is changed? (As what happens when on psychedelics).
The REAL TRUTH = {consensus truth, truth1, truth2, truth3………………….truth (n)}
So the entire consensus reality we take to be the truth is only one of the possibilities of REAL TRUTH.
Ultimately there is only reality as YOUR INNER EXPERIENCE.
Even your perception of others, the world, the outside and so on, is YOUR INNER EXPERIENCE.
The CONSENSUS REALITY is also part of your INNER REALITY (or inner experience).
The consensus reality can be said to be the common denominator of inner realities shared by a group of observers – but consensus reality can only exist when the observer paradigms/lenses are kept the same.
The consensus reality appears unchanging because it is a solidified lens installed in all observers (by education).
So all observers put on that consensus reality lens, and therefore mutually validate each other and reinforce the truth of the consensus reality.
That makes the consensus reality appear persistent and true, but in truth it is only one of the lenses of looking at reality.
So the only place to really find truth is in your inner experience of which consensus reality is a subset.

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