Insights from Aya

Aya is a higher vibration spirit:
That increases the taker’s vibration, as a process, and thereby reveals to it whatever is stopping the change – it makes the person go through the process of raising vibration and all the resistance encountered in the process of transformation.
There are various vibrational entities that I experience IN ME but are not ME:
Because I am just the space, container, light for them to exist. I am LIGHT in my true essence.
This light modulates itself into various self-aware vibrational entities.
The transformation of lower vibrational entities into higher vibrational ones is experienced as death/transformation/terror.
The ‘What is’ or ‘Is-ness’ is the highest vibration that exists.
Everything is vibration.
Various vibrational entities in various frequencies all moved by the mysterious ultimate.
All we can do is love and illuminate what is there (various vibrational entities in various frequencies).
The movement and change of these myriad vibration entities is not in our hands. It is the mystery.
Identification shifts from lower vibrational entities to isness itself which is the finest vibration.
This is the movement of subtle-ization.
There is no death, there is only transformation.

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