All avoidance is repression

All the entities from your repressed consciousness have to be seen, accepted, relaxed(no resistance), loved, and dis-identified/released(set free).
All avoidance is repression.
The ego fundamentally is a structure that represses the ultimate reality.
Repression is unconscious by definition.
When conscious, it is called suppression.
When repression is made conscious, you become aware of your suppression.
Let everything flow no matter what form it may take.
BE content agnostic.
Since I have seen the dark night,
I know such a possibility exists.
But I am no longer afraid of it.
Whatever comes, I will love and release it,
However long it may take or stay (time does not matter).
If such a formation were to ever befall me again,
I will handle it with full expression and love.
I will always be grateful for the something that is there instead of nothing.
No matter what the something is.
I will be grateful for every breath that arises from nothing and goes back into nothing.
All the ‘something expressions’ from the ‘nothingness space’ are the ULTIMATE manifested.

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