The answer to all questions is ‘Yes’

Everything is perspective. Your own eyes determine what you see. The object merely reflects the light quality you emit on it. But ‘I’ emit the light. I can see something as heavenly or evil. Its just the way I look at it. Half full becomes heaven and half empty becomes hell. But heaven is (heaven in foreground, hell in background). Hell is (hell is foreground, heaven in background). So for any issue, what I find is based on what I seek. My seeking determines the finding and there is NOTHING inherent in any object. The object simply contains and reflects the quality I emit on it.
The answer to all questions is ‘Yes’.
Is it wonderful = Yes, Is it harmful = Yes, Is it terrible = Yes, Is it great = Yes.
A single object contains all qualities, if you run your scrolls of projections on it.
All objects in the world are simply props for your psyche projections on them.
So the external world is actually paper thin, and the entirety of the meat is your psychic energy projections (This is the exact concept of Maya).
It is possible to see ANYTHING as a blessing or a curse.
But then the sincere question you may ask maybe – but what is the object’s quality really? Is it really heaven or really hell? Is me seeing it as heaven an illusion and it is actually hell? OR Is me seeing it as hell an illusion and it is actually heaven? What is its actual quality? The answer to that is, it is what you want to see. We see what we want to see. There are infinite worlds that are just switched by our SEEING. You can travel all around the world, and not experience a single thing as different because your seeing is the same OR You could be in the same place, same routine, but with your SEEING altered, you would see an entirely different world.
Think about how you saw the world as a child, and how you are seeing it right now? The external/sensory world perceptions are exactly the same right? What is the thing that is massively different now? Your psychic projection space – your beliefs, your models, your knowledge, your accumulations, your attachments and so on. That is 99.99% of the world you experience.
This also means for 100% of the time, I am simply witnessing my own psyche and its movements.

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