What is guilt?

Guilt is basically the force that makes you do what YOU don’t want to do.
So essentially this force creates suffering until its desired ‘your undesired action’ is done, and this repeats itself again and again.
Guilt desires that you do actions or move in directions you do not want to.
However YOU desire to move in the direction you want to.
So there is a constant wrestling between the self and guilt. 
When guilt is active, the self is creating suffering.
When self is active, guilt is creating suffering.
From guilt -> comes resentment sadness and depression.
Because guilt is like a constant insidious force working to prevent you from moving in the direction you want.
It is like a virus. Guilt can only exist in unconsciousness.
So with self inquiry to the depths, the roots of guilt can be made conscious.
The roots of guilt are complex abstract algos of algos of algos with lots of assumptions.
So a certain advanced skill of abstract thought is a prerequisite.

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