Analogy of the Lake, True self, Life and the Ego

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Lets take an analogy:
Imagine looking inside a lake of water to see oneself.
Lets say the true self (of which the reflected self is part of) is found in the ground of the lake.
Lets say the ego is an entity that is residing in the entire water column of the lake.
Even a small movement of the water, means you only see movement, a slightly disturbed reflection and not the lake bottom.
The ego could agitate both the  lower layers of the water OR higher layers.
If the higher layers are turbulent, then you only see turbulence, and you see only the distorted literals (reflections like your face, sky trees etc. but highly agitated, blurry and distorted).
If the lower layers are turbulent, and the upper layers are clear, then you see your face, trees, clouds, sky etc. fairly clear with very mild turbulence, but when you look for the ground of the lake, all you find is turbulence and the unknown. Once the entire water in the lake stops moving  i.e. if the ego relinquishes itself to the truth, then in that stillness, you could see through all of the water and  the ground of the lake.
Life is the reflection in the lake.
Your true nature is the entire lake and its ground.
The entire lake – ground + water is your psyche and life is the reflections (appearances) on the lake water.
The ego is a hijacking entity living in the entire water, that agitates the part of the reflection in the lake that is not favorable to itself, and stops this agitation once it finds what it wants, but the algorithm is such that after a short pleasure from the release of finding what it wants, it creates another desire. So it is as if things are back to square one again for the ego (as if nothing was ever got).
So we could say the ego is a fractal entity living in the water, that conditionally withdraws its agitating action when the life reflection is desired, and disturbs and agitates the water when the life reflection is undesirable to itself.
The only power the ego has is to agitate the water (the water is the whole psyche substance say) i.e. agitate the psyche substance.
So it could be said, the ego is an ‘Awareness obscuring’ entity.
The ego could be said to be a fossilized repression of consciousness.
It continues to exist until the divine light penetrates it and make conscious what was unconscious (ego).
The whole world or life is reflected in the water i.e. psychic substance.
The truth of one’s true being is found from looking into the water of the lake (i.e. looking into the depths of the psyche to find infinity).

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