Existence cannot be comprehended, it is ABSURD

I think my mind can understand existence.
But existence is simply ABSURD.
It is beyond understanding.
Subtle ————————————————————————–Gross
Ultimate Reality –> Belief, Self –> Thoughts –> Emotion/Energy –> Actions
How can Emotion understand Thought, when emotion comes from thought?
How can Actions understand Emotion causing them?
How can Thought understand the Belief generating it?
Finally how can belief, thought, emotion or action understand the ultimate reality from which all of these rise from.
To go into the subtlest realm and access the ultimate reality, awareness has to become very fine, very quiet, very still.
The skill required to reach ultimate reality is analogous to the spectrum below:
Cutting vegetables (ordinary awareness) ——————-Brain surgery with a scalpel (ultimate reality subtlety)
In a way suffering, disease are all experiences on the same ultimate screen in different forms.
Depression too is an appearance in the ultimate screen.
Why does depression exist (or any other condition) maybe asked by the mind.
Then we could trace it back – from physical –> emotion –> thinking –> belief –> ultimate reality.
A human’s ultimate question is WHY? WHY THIS? But even asking why assumes certain things like – there is cause-effect, a cause for every effect, a reason for every happening. When those assumptions are broken. Everything just IS.
Then there is the transcendence of reason. This is beyond reason, beyond cause.
This is causeless and simply IS.

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