There is no ideal action, no ideal way to bring up a child

In a way, I can see there is no way to ideally bring up a child.
For every (A) that I do, there is always an (A!)
If my child is a genius or idiot, bright or dull, sad or happy etc.
In whichever way you bring up a child, it just creates a different experience.
What is the value of experience?
I could focus on the gain OR focus on the loss and accordingly see different pictures
But what is the true picture when seen in totality?
This could apply to any personal action of any sort.
There is no way to absolutely win.
There is no absolute ideal action one can take.
All actions in the absolute sense are equivalent.
Its only relative actions that have this concept of winner/loser and so on.
In the absolute sense,
Each action spawns a new reality and this new reality is as real/valid/complete as the old.
This ties back to an earlier blog post I had written about ‘What is the value of experience’?
What is the value beyond the super ego value judgment framework put on it?
If the value of a thing is dependent on the super ego framework of the individual perceiver,
Then there is no absolute value for anything, value is entirely subjective.
Half full or half empty, but in both cases the whole picture is always the same.
The full does not exist without the empty.
The empty does not exist without the full.
If entirely full, I would not perceive the glass were entirely full.
If entirely empty, I would not perceive the glass were empty.
What about 25% full, 75% empty?
What about 75% full, 25% empty?
That is possible only when not seeing the entire picture.
Its like looking at ying yang circle with a smaller scope and as you move the scope around you see changing ratios of white to black.
Experience is like the poles of a magnet.
You can split it and smash it into as many tiny pieces
However even the tiniest piece will show polarity (-ve and +ve)
This is because in every explicit perception there is an equivalent implicit perception.
So Explicit + Implicit = Always Whole, no matter what the perception is.
The relative universe is the game of the absolute, by first spitting into duality.
All the games then happen within duality with infinite variety.
But all of this is contained in the SCREEN of the ABSOLUTE.
Karma is inevitable in all action and non-action.
Even karma moves experience to a different STATE.
Every experience or STATE is equally valuable, just like every picture is equivalent on a TV screen.

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