God is the highest abstract principle

From a higher viewpoint:
From the dimension higher than experience point of view,
All experience is equivalent,
And this dimension is at rest outside of all experience.
It is transcendent of all experience.
All experiences are ‘experience flavor’
– All sensory experiences are ‘sensory flavor’
– All material experiences are ‘material flavor’
– All emotional experiences are ’emotion flavor’
– All mental experiences are ‘mental flavor’
When seen from this abstract point of view, the point of view transcends the specific forms in each of these flavors.
Now this abstract point of view, is form agnostic, and allows ANY form to exist because all form is equivalent.
The more abstract you go, the more and more forms in various planes of experience get freedom and your identification is moved to higher and higher levels of abstraction until you reach the ‘GOD’ identification.
The GOD identification is the most abstract and that is why ‘Journey to God, is the same as Journey to the Abstract’.

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